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The * means the information is required. If you have any issues or problems with registration please contact Syron Support via email:


If you or your organisation is interested in selling Syron products within the Oceanic and South East Asia region, please fill in the Syron Dealer Registration Form and someone from our office will contact you. Syron will create an account for you and an email will be sent to grant access to the Syron Dealer Shop.

The Syron Dealer Program is for established businesses or individuals that would like to offer the Syron range of products to their clients. The Syron Dealer Program has six categories and three tiers or levels within each category.

To register as a dealer and to gain access to our Dealer Shop, please fill out our Dealer Registration Form.

The Syron Dealer Program has six categories of products, these are:

  1. Automation
  2. Construction
  3. Home Entertainment
  4. Locksmith
  5. Security
  6. Technology

Within each category of dealers there are three tiers Syron offers. The three tiers are:

  1. Drop Shipper
  2. Dealer
  3. Preferred Dealer

For distribution pricing or orders over 50 units please contact us directly to discuss options.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to all registered Syron dealers:

  • Drop Ship: Provide Drop Ship services for mainly rural and remote areas.
  • Marketing Materials: Syron can provide text and images of the Syron range of products for your website and promotional use.
  • Where to Buy: After 90 days of consistent purchases of our products, the dealer will qualify to be listed in the “Where to Buy” section on the Syron website. To be included, email your logo and the URL where visitors should be directed to buy Syron products on your website.
  • Account Information: Please update your account information with current address and contact information.
  • Promotions: The Syron Marketing Team will email you updates regarding dealer pricing and new products, as well as opportunities to extend promotions to your customers.
  • Dealer Tier Level: Dealer tier level is subject to change at any time and we may review dealer tier level every 3 months to ensure minimum quantities are achieved.
  • Term of this Agreement: This agreement is valid for 12 months. Pricing and quantities are subject to change at any time.
  • Payment Terms: Drop Shipper orders are prepaid. Dealer and Preferred Dealer can either be prepaid to 28 day terms.
  • Warranty: Syron offers a one-year limited warranty for parts and labour. Coverage remains in effect from date of purchase. Warranty May vary from Product to Product please see products for more information
  • Return Authorization: All returns require a return authorization number. All out of box defectives and initial failures will receive a return for credit authorization. Return delivery must be paid by the Dealer or End User.
  • Stock Balancing: Stock balancing is allowed with Syron approval. There is a 15% restocking fee. Freight must be paid by the dealer.
  • Samples and Demos: Samples available upon request, please specify if boxed samples or samples mounted on a stand is required.
  • Order Process:
    • Your account will be enabled for dealer prices on products listed above.
    • Orders should be placed by contacting one of our staff.
    • We accept Purchase Orders through email and Invoices will be issued.
    • Invoices can be paid by debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.
    • Orders are not delivered until payment has cleared unless payment terms have been specified.